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This Project about Bio-design and investigation developed by Gerardo Osio colaborating with Pedro Arturo and students of Design and Business in the Faculty of Architecture, UANL, industrial design program for PolyBion. In the last year and a half we have been exploring new interactions, applications and product concepts using Polybion biomaterials.

Thanks to our method, students learn to make sense of their ideas and take them as far as possible in terms of form, feasibility and commercial possibilities, while Polybion has been exploring their capabilities and production limits.


Demonstrate that Design can be inserted in different ways in different areas apart from the transformation industry. Attacking design,

Communication and business opportunities from a framework generated by them.

That they learn to give meaning to their proposals. Promote coherent developments with the market and current production capabilities with a vision to the future.

Explore to destigmatize the perception and use of these materials. Bring physical, mechanical, aesthetic qualities to their limits.


UANL FARQ Students
They conclude with robust projects from research and analysis, exploration, 3D modeling, rendering, visual communication, development for production and exhibition. These projects include them in their portfolio, adding the experience of working for clients with real and cutting-edge needs.
Polybion Client
They check their manufacturing processes, obtain time and quality data when prototyping.
Discovery of limits of their control methods and materials.
Gain recognition from the scientific community by showing these exercises.
Work and products reach new audiences and generated interest in them.




27 - UANL - Mty, Mx.


28 - UANL - Ptz, Mx.


Mexican bio-technology company dedicated to research, development, production and marketing of bio-materials. These are cultivated, not manufactured, derived completely from processes present in nature so they can be easily absorbed by it. The collaboration with Polybion began a year and a half ago (2017) integrating the design mentality in its scientific processes.

The company is constantly looking for solutions and applications, so having a design partner is ideal to answer new questions and establish creative processes consistent with your time and vision.


Web Design

Abril Sánchez
Andrea Hernández


Graphic Design

Irlanda Alanis
Karla Naela Bretón
Daniela Iruegas
Priscila Treviño
Mariela Patricia